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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

I just created an account, but I can't log on!
Before you can log on, you must first "activate" your account. When you create a new account, sends an email to the address you used to open the account. That message contains a special link that will activate your account. This extra step ensures that the event registrar can contact you by email and ensures that you'll receive your registration confirmation messages.

I never got the account confirmation!
Some Internet service providers like AOL use overly aggressive spam filters that may mistakenly move legitimate to the "spam" folder. If you don't receive your account confirmation email within an hour or two (most are delivered immediately) try the following:

  • AOL 9.0 and higher users - be sure to check your "spam" folder to make sure AOL didn't mistakenly move your confirmation message there.
  • For AOL versions before AOL 9.0, add the following email address to your address book: E-Mail Address
  • See AOL's Troubleshooting Tips

I tried all that, and I'm still stuck!
Contact Customer Service - most questions are answered in under 24 hours.

I need to cancel my registration
Contact the registrar of the event. Each club has their own unique cancellation, credit and refund policies. can not process a refund on the behalf of a club.

I forgot my username / password
Our password assistance page lets you look up your username by your email address and will also allow you to reset your password.

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